Metals need protecting- use metal shields to help them last longer

Glass is always subjected to some form of wear and tear, and when it comes to window glass, it is witness to vandalism, scratches and acid etching- which tend to leave a permanent damage to the glass. Normally, resurfacing or replacement would be ideal, but that is an expensive option. We offer another cost effective alternative, called a glass shield.

We offer a few options to help you protect your surfaces: glass protection, metal and mirror protection and custom surface protection that is inclusive of glass and metal shields.

For industrial and domestic applications, our glass shields come with the capability of impact and corrosion resistant systems that utilities thin-film technology and is designed to provide a nearly invisible protection layer and high durability.

Metal shield however, is our major focus here. Most damages these days have started to become prominent in stainless steel objects, window panes, elevators, etc. They are usually damaged by sharp objects like blades, screwdrivers and keys and leave a nasty mark that never goes off. Any correction will either prove expensive or will make it look nastier, defeating the initial purpose- to ensure a clean, elegant and modern look to the environment.


Metal Shield Film

Metal shield was developed to fight this problem. It’s a film that is close replica of the metal, and helps encapsulate the lead base paint and prevents corrosion. It displaces moisture and doesn’t affect the existing coatings. It’s available in stainless steel, brushed aluminium and brushed gold options as a roll or precut pieces with unique part numbers for easy identification and installation.
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