Smart Glass Film from Glasstek You Can Control With A Flip Of A Switch

Have you heard about smart glass film? You are not alone! Smart glass film happens to be the latest buzzword in the interior design world of insiders. The reason is that you get a high-technology method of controlling the amount of light your room receives at the flip of a switch. Glasstek is the manufacturer of this clear to opaque film with a switch.

There are tremendous benefits to window filming when you install switchable glass films, translucent window films, privacy window film one way, frosted window film lowes, opaque glass film and window film one way. For example, not only do opaque glass film for windows protect furniture as they block out dangerous UV rays, but they also save on energy costs and eliminates glare on all the television and computer screens. When you think of searching for frosted window film Lowes or opaque window film Home Depot, instead think of Golden State Tint for this service!


Privacy Window Film One Way

As a result, your living or workspace becomes more comfortable and conducive to increased productivity with Switchable glass film. Particularly when you use the products available from the Las Vegas company Golden State Tint for translucent window film. Privacy glass film one way is a new technology that enables the ability to quickly switch from a see-through window to a totally opaque window, preventing people from being able to see inside.


GlassTek: From Clear To Opaque With A Switch

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You may have heard of switching on the lights, but have you ever heard of switching on the windows? That’s right. These days, there is a new kind of technology that allows you to control how bright it is in the room with one switch.

Aside from being able to control the level of brightness, homes, and offices can also benefit from a little bit of privacy such as the kind provided by GlassTek. GlassTek allows you to control the amount of natural light and privacy in a room without blinds or curtains. Sometimes called glass film one way you can finally control the level of privacy that opaque window films provide.


Opaque film for glass doors

When strategically used, privacy glass film, one-way frosted glass film for windows, opaque film for glass doors, window film removable, opaque window tint removable opaque window film, frosted glass film amazon opaque window covering film, electric opaque glass film or frosted window tint film help in creating barriers between cubes in an office or home space. The problem with opaque window film home depot searching is that this is a very complicated procedure to setup and Golden State Tint has the proper installation experts to set this window tinting Las Vegas up properly in your home or office. See here

Workers can thus focus on the task at hand without any distractions. If you are worried that your spaces might become too dark to work in, opaque window treatments still allow light to enter your spaces. This makes workers more productive and much happier. Any place where a little privacy goes a long way will benefit from these types of window treatments.


Frosted Window Film

When you want to add in some great style for your living areas or even your workplace, a frosted window film that allows you to control how much light can enter the room is the way to go. Not only are these top tier products the latest in technological advances, but there is also a range of design options you can choose from.

Smart Glass Film

Residential Film

Smart Glass Film for Opaque Window Covering Film

Decorative window films that you can control are both functional and attractive. When you want to impress your guests and your clients, your credibility soars to the roof in terms of impressive ratings when you adjust the opaque levels of your windows. When you want to step it up in terms of styling your space, this is definitely the way to go.

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