Premium Graffiti Guard Film For Property Protection

Safe And Secure Graffiti Guard Film

Helping to protect surfaces from all sorts of grafitti!

Why waste time and money replacing windows? Our window film helps prevent the damage in the first place by winning the fight against graffiti before it begins.

    • Gouge/Scratch resistant
    • UV ray protection 99.0%
    • Indoor/outdoor use

No matter what locality you live in these days, it’s not impossible for your enemies to find you and attack you. But what if they don’t succeed? Instinctively, the very next thing trespassers or criminals opt for is damage to property. This means trying to break window glass, cause harm to the walls and distort the overall structure in one way or another.


Anti-Graffiti Film

The easiest of them all is graffiti. Vandalists tend to cause damage using paint, markers, etching tools, acid to places like the window glass. An anti-graffiti window film by Golden State Tint is the right solution for you. Removing graffiti is always expensive and not completely perfect, hence the second option people resort to is replacing the entire glass, which is again very expensive.

A graffiti guard film or a sacrificial film is a specially designed film that is near to impossible when installed and is a very cost-effective approach. They’re extremely easy to remove and replace, time-saving and protects from 99% of the incoming UV rays. Not just this, it automatically increases its own life by not getting faded due to sun rays, which leads to pore formation and decreases the properties of the special film.

It also prevents window shattering by binding the cracks together. It’s easy to clean with soap and water, without any hassle. It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces such as windows, mirrors, glass, and marble. Once removed, the special adhesive that helps the film stick doesn’t leave any marks and can be done in no more than 30 minutes.

We’ve got three variants of graffiti guard film: a 4 MIL, 6 MIL, and 7 MIL. These are optically clear and green friendly. Lastly, they’re sold as pre-cut or rolled with no minimums and installation done by us.

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