Best Turf Defender Window Film Installation

The Turf Defender – Tough Enough For The Sun

Having a lush yard or a great manicured lawn is good for the sore eyes, but not so much for your wallet. It can be expensive to take care of the lawn, and with your hard work it’s a prized possession. Imagine if something as innocent as sunlight would burn the grass on your lawn? Have you ever thought this could happen?

Well, this happens all the time especially when most of the windows in our households are energy efficient windows, causing the sun rays to turn into intense heat that can basically burn anything in its path. Naturally, a great amount of that reflected light is directed at your grass, causing them to burn.Apart from cleaning your yard/lawn often and trimming the plants, there is one other cost effective solution that you may want to consider.

Our experts at Golden State Tint in Summerlin LV and Henderson NV have come up with a Turf Defender window film to prevent the reflective glare from your windows that burn your grass. The solution in the tint absorbs heat, but at the same time doesn’t transmit that heat into the room, otherwise you’d be sweating all the time. The inner temperature would remain the same as it prevents thermal distortion on vinyl sliding.

Artificial Turf Defender Protective Film

Other things we recommend are to choose light-colored grass as they would absorb less amount of any incident light. Our window films, in addition, have tiny pores in them, that diffuse the sunlight and ensure that your lawn gets proportions of light across the area.

Lastly, we offer two different types of Turf Defender window films for you to choose from. The most common and popular with us is the screen film as it doesn’t block visibility and comes with different color options. The second option we have for you is the matte frost film, which is much thicker and blocks visibility. It’s of course ideal for people who want privacy, extra cooling through heat reduction and protection from harmful sun rays.

Whatever your choice maybe for the Turf Defender window film, ensure that it’s from Golden State Tint!

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